[About Negar Hendi]

Hello Galactic Comrades🌓
I am Negar Hendi, a 24-year-old girl
from Isfahan / Iran.
Because of my passion for creating galactic artwork, I am called the Galactic Girl!
I started my business with a small piece of wood; A stick that one day my legendary friend gave me in a cafe and said “I’m sure u’ll turn it into a beautiful artwork!”
Until that day, I had only experienced painting on paper, cardboard, and canvas, and this was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done.
But that day, drawing a mental galaxy on wood, opened new doors for me.
After that, with the help of my friend and for the first time in Iran, I produced the moon mirrors which it’s main idea belongs to a foreign lady.
So far, I have received hundreds of orders with galactic designs from across Iran and some foreign countries.
I love my work and I am happy that I created excitement in many people.

My Instagram Feed: @negarhendi_art_